Hello! My name is Shannon and I'm the founder/operator/dyer/emailer/twister/packer behind this shop

I was born in Denver, CO but my family shortly moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where we stayed until September 2001. We moved to Philadelphia, PA and then moved the suburbs shortly where I lived for most of my young adult life. Currently, I'm residing in Central PA with Justin (my fiance) and our 2 weirdo kitties and a sweet dog.

I started knitting February 2016 because I was looking for a hobby to pick up and to learn new skills. I started knitting hats and scarves for a few months. When I discovered pretty sweater patterns, I quickly dove into it with no hesitation. At the same time, I discovered a whole new world of hand dyed yarn and all types of yarn textures. Along the way, I have also become a part of a community and made friends that I've cherished and have also supported me in my endeavor.

I will often draw inspirations from my heritage and cultural background as well as my other interests and I hope you enjoy them as well. My values are also very important to me and I will strive to create a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone regardless of skin color, size, sexual orientation and gender expression in this little internet corner of mine.